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Counselling Therapy Services

Counselling Therapy Services
Paul Roberge is a registered psychologist who provides psychological counselling therapy services in Kamloops BC.
Kamloops Psychologists
Kamloops Registered Psychologists in Private Practice is a group of psychologists who offer counselling services in Kamloops, BC.
Therapy Services
Paul recommends Synergy Counselling Associates, colleagues who offer a professional, fresh and dynamic perspective on counselling. Celeste Schell, Viviane Wingarek and Nadine Matthews offer individual, adult, couples, family, adolescent and child therapy services to Kamloops and outlying areas.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Resources

College of Psychologists of British Columbia
Paul is a member of the CPBC — whose mandate is to regulate the profession of psychology in the public interest in accordance with the Health Professions Act of British Columbia by setting the standards for competent and ethical practice, promoting excellence and taking action when standards are not met.
BC Psychological Association
Paul is a member of the BCPA — whose mandate is to provide leadership for the advancement and promotion of the profession and science of psychology in the service of our membership and the people of British Columbia.
Talking Helps — Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
Talking Helps is for members of the public seeking information and support about the profession of counselling and psychotherapy. The website raises public awareness of the role of the profession in mental health and wellness and supports informed decision-making when choosing a mental health practitioner. Representing over a year of research and development, “Talking Helps” is one of several initiatives of the CCPA focused on the competent, credible, qualified practice of counselling and psychotherapy.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Resources

Mind Over Mood
Mind Over Mood complements the book “Mind Over Mood”. Learn Skills to Improve Your Life! Learn Skills to Change How You Think! A mental health resource for the public.
Mood Improvement Tool for iPhone
MoodKit is an iphone app for improving and managing your mood.
Interactive Program for Depression and Anxiety
Good Days Ahead is a computer program that is helping people overcome their problems and get their lives back on track.
CBT Training Center
Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a non-profit organization founded in 1994 as an outgrowth of Dr. Aaron T. Beck’s original Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania. Today Beck Institute is an international training and resource center for health and mental health professionals, educators, and students worldwide. In addition to offering training programs at our Philadelphia location, we help create or improve cognitive behavior therapy programs at universities, hospitals, community mental health centers, health systems, and other institutions.
Feeling Good
David D. Burns, M.D. is an Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine and has served as Visiting Scholar at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Burns has been a pioneer in the development of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a drug-free treatment for depression and anxiety which has become the most widely used and extensively researched form of psychotherapy in the world. Dr. Burns has won numerous research, teaching and media awards, but is best known for his phenomenally successful self-help books — such as Feeling Good and the Feeling Good Handbook — which have sold more than 5 million copies in the United States alone. In a national survey of American mental health professionals, Dr. Burns’ Feeling Good was the top-rated book — from a list of 1,000 self-help books — for patients suffering from depression. American and Canadian mental health professionals “prescribe” Feeling Good for their patients more often than any other self-help book.

Narrative Therapy Resources

What is Narrative Therapy?
Alice Morgan has written this easy-to-read book which is designed as an introduction to some of the main themes of narrative therapy. It includes simple and concise explanations of the thinking behind narrative practices as well as many practical examples of therapeutic conversations. This book certainly doesn’t cover everything but hopefully it will serve as a starting point for further explorations. To assist this, included at the end of most of the chapters are references for further reading on various topics.
Narrative Therapy Centre
Dulwich Centre is an independent centre in Adelaide, Australia involved in narrative therapy, community work, training, publishing, supporting practitioners in different parts of the world, and co-hosting international conferences. Welcome to our web site! We hope it acts as a gateway to information about narrative therapy and collective narrative practice. You will also find here articles to read, books and journals to purchase, and training events and conferences to attend.
About Narrative Therapy
Narrative therapy is a respectful and collaborative approach to counselling and community work. It focuses on the stories of people’s lives and is based on the idea that problems are manufactured in social, cultural and political contexts.
Narrative Therapy
Narrative Therapy is an exciting, growing body of work that offers generative ideas for effective clinical practice. It is a nonpathologizing, competency-based approach that takes into account the larger political and cultural contexts in which problems arise.

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